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tbh i was just glad someone remembered allison.

You do realise the entire season has been about Allison (and Lydia) right? She is the reason for the deadpool, it’s her death that makes Meredith move her plan into action and it’s her that has been referenced in every single episode! Dark moon? About Allison. A promise to the dead? About Allison. Lydia’s scene where she says sorry I couldn’t help you? About Allison as much, if not more, as about Meredith. Stiles’ guilt? About Allison (and the other things Nogi did, of course). Scott being so hesitatnt to start something with Kira? About Allison. Kira not wanting to push him and tip-toeing around the subject? About Allison. Scott and the sheriff and stiles talking about the passwords? About Allison. Hell, she was one of the passwords! Speaking of that Lydia’s reaction when she heard it at the lake house? Yeah. Chris coming back and helping this bunch of teenagers that he more or less tried to kill in s01? About Allison. Him making a deal with Araya so she’d leave them alone? About Allison. Kate’s anger at Scott? About Allison. 

Forgotten is she?

(Source: teen-wolf)

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